Camping FAQs

Where are the campsites located?

General Camping is located at many different designated areas throughout the site. Some of the more popular sites are:

  • Poulsen's Flat and Poulsen's overflow: their entry points are located on the left hand side of Amamoor Creek Road, following the entry to the Banjo's Motel areas.
  • Poulsen's Hill is another very popular area for camping, and is located on the right hand side of Amamoor Creek Road, after you have passed the entrance to the Poulsen's flat camping area.
  • Slim Dusty Drive (Permanent Camp Ground): is the Premium Camp Site at the Muster located just a hop, skip, jump from the Muster gates, great for the elderly, people with wheelchairs or children. This is a very popular campsite and books out early, Please contact the office to book your site .

NOTE: To Patrons camping in this area – Due to Occupational Health and Safety Laws you are not permitted to drive your vehicle through the Muster site during the Muster's operating hours. You will either need to make arrangements to move your vehicle during the hours of 3am – 7.30am, park your car in the day car park area, or leave your vehicle with your campsite.

Is there Disabled Camping?

Yes. Disabled Camping Sites are limited so please give us a call on 5482 2099. If we do not hear from you before the sites book out we will not be able to allocate you a site in our disabled camping area. However there will still be plenty of space within the general Muster camping area.

Please be aware there is NO power in our Disable Camping Sites, if you need power you will need to bring your own generator.

When can I arrive to set up my camp site?

Your General Camping Muster ticket provides you with access to the General Camp grounds from midday the day before the first valid day of your ticket when you are able to set up your campsite.

Please note that you will only be able to access the Muster entertainment precinct on the day/s of your valid ticket.

Are there camping packages at the Muster?

Yes. You can make your visit to the Muster as easy as possible, by booking a Camping Package at either of Banjos Gold or Banjos which provide you with tent motel style accommodation.

(See Tent Motel tab for more details)

Can I reserve a campsite location?

With many loyal patrons who call the Muster Site home in August each year, the Muster allows patrons to come to the Muster site early to choose and 'rope-off' their site and set-up camp early each year.  The earliest time that people can enter the site in 2016 is Saturday, 30th July from 7:00am. 

All patrons who wish to take advantage of our Rope-Off period, must purchase a Camping Permit/Rope-off permit via the event ticketing system.  A copy of the purchased permit and a copy of your season or 3 day pass (black out your personal details) must be displayed on the campsites that are set up before the Muster begins. 

Each rope off area should be sufficient for a vehicle and caravan or tent only. Excessive areas will be reduced. A limit of one car per camp site will be enforced. Extra cars will be able to park in the Day Parking area.

On a rope off area, you must place a tent or van on site. A tent needs to be a robust shelter that can be zipped or laced closed to prevent wind entering and lifting or collapsing it. An open tarp is not adequate.

Surrounding your camping structure, boundary areas may be demarcated by the placement of rope or tape on the boundary. This must be safely and securely affixed to the ground.

The holder of the “roped off” area is responsible for all property associated with the reserved area and for maintaining their area.

Remember – you are not the only person coming to the Muster. Don’t take more than your allotted space, there is enough room for all Muster goers to camp in the camp grounds, make sure you share.

Do you need to Rope Off?

If you would like to see the Muster site and choose a camping space before every man and his ute arrives (literally), you can grab your rope off permit from our website or over the phone.  Only if you have purchased a valid season or 3 day Muster ticket, before you can purchase a rope off permit.

NOTE: You don’t have to rope off a site to come to the Muster – your Muster ticket provides you with access to the camp ground from midday the day before your Muster ticket starts from (ie: if you have purchased a 4 day ticket, you can arrive from midday Wednesday to set up your camp and you can access the Muster from when gates open on Thursday). You only need to obtain a rope off permit if you intend to mark out your site prior to the Muster event starting.

When does the site open for Rope Offs what are the options available?

The earliest you can arrive at the Muster site to rope off is: 30th of July 2016

 All rope off options are paid per campsite (not per person).


  • 4 Week Camping Permit/Rope Off Permit Holders: Saturday, 30th July 2016 $190.00 (Gates Open at 7:00am)


  • 3 Week Camping Permit/Rope-Off Permit Holders: Saturday, 6th August 2016 $140.00 (Gates will be open)


  • 2 Week Camping Permit/Rope Off Permit Holders: Saturday, 13th August 2016 $90.00 (Gates will be open)


  • 1 Week Camping Permit/Rope off Permit Holders: Saturday, 20th August 2016 $50.00 (Gates will be open)


Camp Wardens will be on-site to direct campers and provide information if necessary.  Please respect these times and respect our volunteers so that everyone is a happy camper! 

Each Rope Off Area/Size is as follows:

  • 8m x 8m tent, ute etc.
  • 10m x 10m Caravan, Camper Trailer with up to 6 people on that site.

How many Rope Off Permits do I need?

You only need to purchase 1 Rope Off permit per campsite which is either of the above as long as your caravan or tents fit on that site or you will need to purchase 2 sites etc.

You need to display a copy of your permit and a copy of your season or 3 day pass on your roped off camp site and Camping Marshals will be checking sites on a daily basis. (Black out your personal details on the tickets), leaving your name and barcode visible.